Go Puppy! ....

Go Puppy! ..

Puppy Training Classes for Companion Dogs


A different approach to puppy training classes 

Aimed at the companion dog, our puppy training classes offer an intuitive experience for you and puppy from the very first lesson. 

Off-lead work in our completely safe environment is predominant so your puppy will learn to work with you by choice.  

Benefits of puppy training classes 

Learn how to teach your puppy what it requires to become a healthy and happy member of your family, how to build confidence so puppy will safely interact with other dogs and people without becoming reactive, to come reliably when called, and to walk calmly on a loose lead. 

You will learn how to use quiet and gentle methods of communication so your puppy clearly understands your rules, feels secure and content, and becomes a joy to live with.

From this firm foundation you will be able to teach anything.

Puppy ‘bad’ habits

Prevention of unwanted habits is simple. We call them ‘bad’ habits but to a puppy they are simply learned behaviours.  Let’s teach them what we would like rather than what we would not.

Puppies learn quickly, are taught easily and continue learning throughout their lives.

As owners, we have a small window of opportunity in which to teach our puppies the essential skills of socialisation and non-biting, and to avoid behaviour we don’t want developing.


Puppies need to learn …

when they can bark and when to stop,

what to chew,

how to greet people and other dogs,

how to walk on lead, and

where to eliminate.


Puppy Training Classes include:  

  • basic obedience and manners
  • socialization with other puppies and humans
  • bite inhibition
  • reliable recall
  • calm, loose lead walking
  • games – to encourage a bond with their family
  • handling, with introduction to canine/puppy massage*.

Introduction to handling and massage*

Our puppy training classes are complemented by an introduction to massage and handling techniques* for every puppy; given by you, the puppy’s owner.  This not only reinforces the bond building between you and your puppy but allows valuable time for puppy to wind down before heading back into the so-far unknown world. In addition, you will gain enviable and useful skills to use for your puppy’s lifetime.

Classes for puppies aged between 12 weeks and 18 months start every 6 weeks. 

If your puppy/dog falls outside that age group please get in touch as dogs are never too old to learn.  The earlier the better for their sake but never say never.  

Thank you for your interest.  We are taking a short break and will be back soon!

Somerford ARC

20 Southey Road

Christchurch, Dorset

BH23 3EH

Puppy Training Classes
Puppy Training Classes
  • Places are limited to 6 puppies per class.  
  • All family members are welcome and encouraged to attend.   
  • Training notes are provided after each class.
  • There is free car parking available on site.

For further details and to book your puppy’s place, please ‘phone, text or email

*Growing up is stressful for us all, not least for a growing puppy.  These hands-on sessions take place for a short period at the end of each class.  They complete, and perfectly complement, the training by strengthening the bond and trust developing between puppy and owner.  The knowledge you gain will benefit you both during the changes experienced during puppy’s development and is especially helpful for fearful dogs. 

Teaching an animal to trust and accept being touched has been proven to enhance their learning ability and increase attention, to release stress and promote well-being. The movements taught stimulate all four brainwaves, a result not present in stroking alone, and allow the puppies time to relax and wind down after their learning experience before heading back into the outside world and the unknown factors they will encounter. 

Learn how to identify and eradicate any issues that may arise so your puppy grows up to be strong, agile, active and courageous … living the best life possible!  


If you would like to know more about this invaluable skill, please contact Lezleigh Lowman of 4 Paws Grooming and Therapy.

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