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Aiming to give every Puppy the best start in life possible.

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Hazel Dudley
Hazel Dudley - Puppy Whisperer

Hi, my name is Hazel and I run Go Puppy! Fun Training.

My aim is for each and every dog to have an exceptional life full of fun, free from fears and phobias, and to be a happily integrated, well-socialized, go-anywhere dog.

Dog psychologist, trainer, coach, and photographer.

My career has centred around coaching and training in the business and home environment; from individuals to corporate clients both here and in Australia.  I have studied dog psychology and lived with well-behaved and happy animals all my life.  The communication between dog and human is key, as a dog’s behaviour invariably begins and ends with that.  Go Puppy! Fun Training evolved out of my passion to include (but go beyond) the sit, stay, trick training and into the mind of the dog.  To ask him to work with us because he wants to.  This is surprisingly easy, quick and simple as training is a language we can all learn.  

At Go Puppy!, our focus is on puppies in order that owners may start from scratch (if need’s be) and learn how to integrate a dog into their lives, enabling it to reach its full potential.


I have always had animals in my life from horses and ponies, to bantams and chickens, a wonderful goat (who was always eager to be part of things and used to heel alongside my pony and carriage), and lots of cats and dogs. 

One of my dogs is a therapy dog and, with his calm and gentle nature, we hope to bring some joy to the residential and nursing homes we visit. 

My dogs have always been an integral part of my family and I’ve enjoyed showing them different disciplines such as sheep dog training and agility as well as allowing their personalities to develop alongside good manners and obedience. 

Every animal I’ve had the pleasure of living with has been a joy to know.


If you’d like to book a Puppy Training Class, or another of our Services, I’d love to hear from you.  

Alternatively, call me for a chat on 07900 211142.  

What People Are Saying ...

Just wanting to post a review on Hazel Dudley, GoPuppy Fun Training. Hazel is a really friendly, knowledgeable approachable lady who makes you feel at ease. I did the six week course in which I would certainly recommend to anyone to support both puppy and you. Top easy tips given to understand your puppy and how to get the best from them with simple logical instructions and actions from you. Hazel replied quickly to any text messages and provided notes via email after each session to remind us what we had covered in each session. Very professional. Thank you Hazel.
Denise (& Louis)
Thank you Hazel. You are a fantastic puppy trainer and I am so thankful for everything I have learned.
Tara x
Hazel is a wonderful lady and a passionate puppy trainer. She is very professional and highly knowledgeable with an in-depth understanding of canine behaviour and psychology. Her training is brilliant and everything is thoroughly explained. For example, she teaches you how to communicate with your dog so that they understand your commands. You are taught how to train your dog in order to get the best results; making dog ownership easy. The training sessions are very well coordinated with a progressive step-by-step teaching methodology. Ted and all the other dogs as well as owners had fun and enjoyed the classes. She also emails an account of what she has taught you after every session, enabling you to remember what was required in each workshop. Ted has learnt important lessons to keep him safe, whilst being an obedient and happy dog. Hazel is a lovely approachable lady of whom I highly recommend. I look forward to returning for more classes with my new puppy George.
Karen Lowe
We adopted Katie, a 11 month old GS/Mastiff cross, in December.  She hadn’t had a great start in life so we knew we would have our work cut out.  Katie didn’t know her name so taking her out was a challenge.  Within an hour of Hazel meeting Katie, Hazel taught me how to work with Katie and by the end of the hour, Katie knew her name and also recall – I was speechless.  Our journey continues but knowing Hazel is there should we need further help gives us confidence.  We cannot thank Hazel enough.  
Michelle & Paul
I highly recommend Hazel at go puppy training she is a lovely lady. She has really made such a difference to how my dog is now. When I got my puppy she was 5 months and didn’t know any basic training and wasn’t sociallised and that caused her to be very nervous and fearful! Shes such a loving little dog and was amazing at home but not around people she didn’t know. I was actually thinking of re homing her at one point as her fear Made things very difficult as I couldn’t even take her out sometimes I couldn’t even get her out of the front door. But when I did we couldn’t even walk down the road without her barking at everyone shaking and trying to run away. She didn’t know how to act around other dogs so she just wouldn’t move until they went. most of the time I had to pick her up. I honestly didn’t think going to puppy classes would make much difference but I was very wrong! On our first session Minnie sat under the chair barking and growling I found it embarrassing and wanted to leave! Hazel spoke to me after the class she also told me to contact her anytime if I needed help. She come my home and told me how to deal with her on walks and when people come to visit as no one could come in without her being scared and barking. Hazel not only helped me with minnie but she’s also made a big difference on how I am! I noticed me being nervous when taking her out was making her worse but now I know how to act it’s made it so much better for both of us! She has so much more confidence. Minnie still has some fear but it’s no where near what it was like! After 12 weeks at puppy class with all Hazel’s help and advice she’s like a completely different dog! She’s plays lovely with all the puppy’s at class and We can go on long walks without her barking at anyone. Thank you for all your help! X
Charlie (& Minnie)
Hazel's quiet, gentle and effective approach to puppy training has been very successful in developing a happy and constructive relationship between my puppy and myself. The training programme is interspersed with time for play and socialisation activities; and the notes provided after each session are invaluable.
"You are a fantastic coach and made the sessions very enjoyable and stimulating."
My dog, Alfie, and I have accompanied Hazel and her two lovely dogs on many walks. I am always impressed how Hazel behaves with her dogs (and others that we may meet) and her calmness and her knowledge of dog behaviour. Her experience and awareness, which comes so naturally to her, certainly instils confidence should I need any advice regarding Alfie.
Thank you very much for your patient and good humour. You are an exceptional communicator."
"I began to see and approach things differently, which was great. Hazel was fantastic."
"Thank you Hazel, I have a workable action plan now and the confidence to know I can achieve it."
"She was the catalyst for change when I thought change wasn't possible."
"You are a fantastic coach and made the sessions very enjoyable and stimulating."
"We couldn't have got this far without you. Thanks for all your help and patience."
Hazel is very perceptive and has a quiet, studied attitude which gently helps the understanding process. With her calm approach, I felt confident and comfortable."
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